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I ordered a few things online off of but they never came. There was apparently a technical difficulty between Paypal and their sales branch.

A few weeks passed with no emails of conformation so I sent them an email asking what was going on. They informed me of the technical difficulty. Months passed with still no word of any change. I started calling the company about the matter.

The first times, they said "yes we see the problem, we are working on it." The next times I called they said "to figure this out I would have to go to another building and I will have to hang up. We will call back." Well they never called back. This happened on 2 or 3 occasions. A whole year had passes and they have made no seeming attempt to fix my problem.

The website requires an account, so I have an account on the website. On this account you can see your current orders so every time. However after about a year of calling and complaining, I'm pretty sure they locked me out of my account so I couldn't give them the order number for them to go "fix the problem for me". I say this because I couldn't log in so I decided to check my password.

I got an email from the computer telling me my password. I typed it in multiple times and even tried copy pasting to make sure I had it right but I got every time, "there is no username with this password". Eventually Paypal canceled the transaction because the company was not doing anything. It has now been two years and I saw a commercial on youtube claiming they have 100% customer satisfaction.

This is what really made me angry. Because I was a customer and I give their customer service a 0% satisfaction. So if you are looking to buy airsoft or paintball or anything like that online, don't use airsplat.

A better option would be something like Hobbytron. They often have a lot lower prices than airsplat aswell.

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California City, California, United States #776152

Sorry to hear this. Do Not Buy From Airsplat.

I am waiting for them to fix THEIR issues before I make a complaint in here. They don't *** over everyone..but if you end up having problems with Airsplat you won't get the issue solved for MONTHS.

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